Sant Vitha | Son of Sant Namdev

Sant Vitha was the holy son of Sant Namdev and he was born in a village in Maharashtra. Similar to his father, he concentrated his attention on Krishna Bhakti, and won the hearts of the villagers at his childhood itself. During his childhood he looked similar to child Krishna, and with his lovely smile, he attracted thousands of villagers.

Vitha used to visit the Krishna temples along with his mother at the age of 6. He also performed well in his school, and invoked his class mates in the Krishna Bhakti. After leaving from the school, he used to perform Krishna puja at his home along with his classmates, and after the performance of the puja, he used to distribute the Prasad items to the school children. Similar to his father, he was also a great poet, and wrote lot of poems on Lord Krishna. He also used to sing songs in the Krishna temples, and due to his sincere bhakti, once he had the divine vision of Lord Krishna and Mata Rukmini in his home.

During his life time, Vitha has visited Pandharpur for several times, and spread the Krishna Bhakti among the people. He also conducted divine discourses from topics like Bhagavatham and Vishnu Purana, and explained it in a simple and in an easily understandable manner to the people.

After spreading the divine message to the people for a long period of time, after his death, he attained the lotus feet of Lord Krishna.


1. At this present Kaliyuga, Lord Krishna is our saviour, and by chanting his names, we could feel a great divine bliss.

2. Before eating our food, first it should be offered to Lord Krishna.

3. If Krishna is with us, then there is no need to worry about anything in our life.

4. Krishna has given this physical body to us in order to visit his temples, worship him, chant his names and glories, sing his songs, and to enjoy his divine beauty.

5. Even the divine devas cannot compete with regard to the lovely smile of Lord Krishna.

6. If Krishna plays his flute, then the living beings in the entire universe stood before him.

7. Even the divine nectar from the heaven is not equivalent to the holy Prasad of Lord Krishna.

8. Lord Krishna is holding the entire universe in his hands.

9. Show your full affection on Krishna, in order to enjoy the eternal bliss.


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