Sant Namdev Abhangs

Namdev was a 13th century Varkari Saint and poet, and he has written Abhangs, also called as poems, on Lord Vithoba, and he was regarded as a staunch devotee of Lord Vithoba. He has spent most of his life by singing, dancing, praising and worshipping Lord Vitthala, and sometimes out of his sincere devotion on Vitthala, he had forgotten about himself, and about the things around him. He is also considered as a best Varkari Saint similar to Tukaram and Eknath, and his songs would please the Lord, and also would melt the souls of the common people, and he has written the songs in a fantastic manner.

Namdev was well known for his devotional songs and still now Vittal devotees, who undertakes holy pilgrimages to Pandharpur used to sing his divine songs on Lord Vithoba.

Some of the contents present in his holy Abhangs are as follows:-

O mind,by thinking about the endless cycle of birth and death, keep utmost faith on Lord Vitthal. By chanting his holy names itself, we could get rid from this materialistic world, and can attain liberation.

Oh Lord Vitthal, by singing songs on you, I am getting very much delighted, and even the animals and birds are eagerly listening to your divine songs, and they are raising a cheerful noise.

Oh Lord Vitthala, I have tightened yourself in my soul, and I never leave you from that place, since by keeping you in my soul, I am getting the everlasting bliss.

Oh my dear Vitthal Maharaj, due to your divine presence, the Holy River Chandrabaga glitters like the sun, and it has attained purity due to your grace.

Oh my sweet Vitthala, your significance cannot be explained fully even by your lovely consort Ma Rukmini, and you act as a saviour to the entire universe.

Oh Lord Vitthala, even during the time of destruction you are there, and there is no end for you. Through your blessings, the entire universe is functioning smoothly.

Oh my dear Vitthal Mahaprabhu, your devotees are highly addicted on you, they are praising on you through their wonderful songs and their entire thoughts focuses on you only.


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