Vishwakarma, Ancient Architect & Engineer

Vishwakarma or Biswakarma

Vishwakarma or Biswakarma

Viswakarma is the deity with creative power. According to the Vedas, he is considered to be the divine architect of the entire universe.

Viswakarma created five main Rishis for maintaining PEACE in the entire UNIVERSE.

1. Sanaga
2. Sanathana
3. Ahabhuna
4. Prathna
5. Suparna


  • Viswakarma is the creator of the chariots and weapons of the gods.
  • Vishwakarma created the Vajrayudhafor Lord Indra.
  • Viswakarma is worshiped by all the Hindu people. Viswakarma Puja is celebrated in all parts of Nepal and Indiaon the month of September of every year.
  • ViswakarmaJayanthi is celebrated by all industrial houses. His Jayanthi is celebrated on Magha Shukla Trayodashi. Though he is considered as the main creator of the entire universe, some important creations made by him are as follows:-

1. In Satya Yuga, he built Heaven
2. In Treta Yuga, he built Lanka
3. In Dwapara Yuga, he built Dwarka


Lord Viswakarma is a powerful god, and controls the entire universe. He is considered as the chief among all the other gods. He contains abnormal power and protects from enemies and problems, and gives us a healthy,wealthy and a happy life. He acts as a guardian for all of us.

Let us pray to him and chant his name, and be blessed.

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