Vir Pasli, Veer Pasali Vrat in Gujarat

Vir Pasli vrat (Veer Pasali festival) is observed during Shravan month in Gujarat. As the rituals are same as Raksha bandhan or Rakhi festival, it is not widely celebrated.

In 2018, Veer Pasali vrat dates are – August 18, August 19 or August 25.

It is observed on First or second Saturday in Shravan month and some say that they will celebrate it on first Sunday of Shravani maas.

The main ritual of Vir Pasli festival is – Raksha dhaaran which is similar to Rakhi festival (sister ties a protective thread to her brother). After raksha dhaaran, brother promises to protect her.

This article is written by Mr Madhav Patel of Ahmedabad. Thanks a ton to him for his valuable notes on Vir Pasli festival.

In 2017, Veer Pasali vrat dates are – July 29, July 30, August 5.

In 2016, Veer Pasali vrat dates were – August 6, August 7 or August 13.

In 2015, Veer Pasali vrat dates were – August 15, August 16 or August 22.

In 2014, Veer Pasali vrat dates were: July 27, August 2 or August 9.

In 2013, Veer Pasali vrat dates were: August 10 or August 11 or August 17.

In 2012, Veer Pasali vrat dates were: July 21 or July 22 or 28.

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