Bol Choth 2017 | Bol Chauth Vrat during Shravan Month in Gujarat

Bol Choth or Bol Chouth puja or Bahula Chauth vrat is observed on Chauth or Chaturthi day in Vad Paksh or Bahula paksh of Shravan month in Gujarat and some Western and Northern parts of India. In 2017, Bol Choth Vrat date is August 11.

It is observed on the previous day of Nag Pancham in Gujarat. Bol Choth vrat is dedicated to Go mata or cattle. Go Puja and Krishna Puja are the main rituals of Bahula Chauth.

No milk product is eaten on this day to honor the cattle. Bol Chouth vrat katha or the legend or story of Bahula Chauth is associated with a divine cow ‘Bahula’. This vrat is observed by married women for the good health and prosperity of their children and family.

Bahula Chaturthi in other countries

Bol Choth in USA & Canada – August 11

Bol Choth in UK & European countries – August 11

Bol Choth in Malaysia – August 11

Bol Choth in Singapore – August 11

Bol Choth in UAE & Gulf countries (Middle East) – August 11

Bol Choth in Australia – August 11

Bol Choth in New Zealand – August 11

Bol Choth in South Africa – August 11

Bol Choth in Fiji Islands – August 11

Bol Choth in Previous Years

In 2016, Bol Choth Vrat date was August 21.

In 2015, Bol Choth Vrat date was September 1.

In 2014, Bol Choth Vrat date was August 13.

In 2013, Bol Choth Vrat date was August 24.

Bol Choth 2012 date was August 5.

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