Vindhyavali, Wife of King Mahabali

Vindhyavali is the consort of the great King Mahabali, and she is a beautiful and kind hearted queen. They had 100 sons, and their famous sons are Banasura and Namasu. Banasura fought with Lord Krishna, and when Lord Krishna was about to kill Banasura, his mother Vindhyavali appeared there in nude form in order to protect her dear son Banasura, and due to that Lord Krishna went away from the battle field.

Mata Vindhyavali was such a kind of noble woman who showed great love to all of her 100 children, and also she acted as a dutiful wife to her husband King Mahabali, and gave great respect to Bhakta Prahlada.

Vindhyavali was also present during the time of the Vamana avatar, when the great Vamana insisted Mahabali to donate three foot of land. She requested her husband to give the donation as required by Vamana, and rejected the sayings of Guru Shukracharya, who wanted to stop doing such kind of donation.

The couples washed the holy feet of Vamana and honoured him, and Mahabali went to the underworld (PATALA LOKA) along with his consort Vindhyavali as per the orders of Lord Vamana.

It is believed that she still lives in the Sutala Loka along with her husband Mahabali. Their son Banasura had become a divine attendant in Kailasa, and peacefully serving Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati in the Mount Kailash.

Let us worship the divine mother Vindhyavalli and be blessed.

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