Venus in 12th House | Shukra in House of Expenditure

Venus in 12th House, Shukra in House of Expenditure (Vyaya Sthana) – Effects of Venus in 12th house (Positive effects & negative effects)….

When Venus is in 12th house the native will be in pursuit of worldly wealth and forgets his own house. Even though he will be born poor, he will become very wealthy after marriage. Moon and male planets become thrice effective if they are linked to each other. He will receive royal favours and comforts from his wife for 37 years.

When Jupiter and Saturn are in House No. 7 it will form a fish line and there will be no comfort for wife.

When mercury is alive in House No. 6 he will get family comforts. Rahu alone can damage family life up to 25 years.

Positive effects of Venus in 12th house

If the native respects his wife he will lead a comfortably domestic life. His wife will be lucky for him and bring him all comforts.

When mercury is in House No. 2 or 6 he will be very fond of music and poetry. He will have a long life along with his wife for nearly 96 years.

Negative effects of Venus in 12th house

When Venus is in 12th house the health of the wife will be affected. When House No. 2 and 7 are blank Venus will give malefic results.

When mercury is malefic the wife will be the source of all trouble and bring him bad luck and make him unhappy.

When Rahu is in House No. 2, 6, 7, 12 he will lead a troubled life till 25 years of age.

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