Venus in 11th House | Shukra in Labha Sthana

Venus in 11th House, Shukra in Labha Sthana (House of Gains) – Effects of Venus in 11th house (Positive effects & negative effects)..

When Venus is in House No. 11 the native will be a handsome person. It is the wife has 3 brothers then he will become very rich. He will not get any support from his mother but will get plenty of daughters.

The aspect of mercury will reduce the progeny. When House No. 2, 3 are blank there will be damaged to progeny.

Mercury in House No. 3 will reduce the wealth and progeny. The malefic period of Venus will continue for 20 years.

Positive effects of Venus in 11th houseĀ 

When Venus is in 11th house the native will be handsome, wealthy and comfortable. He will go behind wealth from a very young age.

When Moon or mercury is strong without any malefic aspects and not afflicted by their enemies he will be blessed with money. He will have a good earning for 12 years.

When Rahu is in House No. 12 he will become wealthy due to the birth of daughters.

Negative effects of Venus in 11th house

When Venus is in 11th house the native will be of secretive nature and his death will occur due to severing of head. If the wife controls the finances of the house then the person will be destroyed.

When mercury is in House No. 3 there will be loss of wealth through daughters.

Mercury and Rahu Ketu Saturn will give malefic results. After 3 years of marriage everything will be destroyed. The major period of Venus which is for about 20 years will be malefic. The wife may remain unlucky for the native and causes destruction.

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