Venkateshwara Swamy | God of 7 Holy Rivers

Venkateshwara Swamy Face Close up

Venkateshwara Swamy Face Close up

Lord Venkateswara Swamy, who is the protection deity of the entire universe, and the Lord of the seven Hills, is also popularly known as the “LORD OF THE SEVEN HOLY RIVERS”.

As per legend, when Lord Vishnu took the form of Lord Venkateswara, and sat down at the present Tirumala, under an ant-hill, the seven Holy Rivers such as Ma Ganga, Yamuna, Godavari, Tapti, Narmada, Tungabhadra and Kaveri, appeared before him, and sought his blessings. Lord Venkateswara made a marvellous smile, blessed the holy Rivers, and also agreed to safeguard them forever. Since the seven Holy Rivers sought refuge under the lotus feet of Lord Venkateshwara, the great Lord of seven Hills, is also known as the Lord of Seven Holy Rivers.

It is also believed that the seven Holy Rivers dwells in the Swamy Pushkarini River, situated near the sacred Tirumala Temple, and still gives their sincere blessings to those devotees who take bath on this sacred pond. Before visiting the sacred Tirumala Temple, all the devotees are supposed to take bath in the sacred Swamy Purshkarini River, in order to cleanse their sins. Since the powers of the seven Holy Rivers are present at this sacred pond, all sorts of diseases of the devotees would also be removed from the body of the devotees.

Lord Vishnu took the form of Lord Venkateshwara in order to remove the troubles and turmoil of the devotees in this difficult Kaliyuga. Lord Venkateshwara is also known as “KALIYUGA VARADA”, the god who is very merciful towards his devotees, “NAMAPRIYA”, the Lord who wishes his devotees to apply the sacred Thiruman, also known as NAMAM, on their forehead. “ARUMUGACHALA”, the Lord who was once considered and worshipped as Lord Muruga by some of the ancient devotees,“ALAMELUMANGAPATI”, the holy consort of Ma Alamelumangamma, “PUNYANADHIARASANE”, the king of Rivers, and the Lord who is worshipped by the Holy Rivers.

Lord Venkateshwara is also known as Lord “VENKAT ESWARA”, since he has also appeared to some of the staunch Shiva devotees in the form of Lord Shiva. As per the famous proverb, “HARIYUM, HARANUM ONNU, ARIYADAVAN VAYUL MANNU”, both Lord Vishnu and Lord Shiva must be considered as one and the same, and we must put some sand on to the mouthof those, who makes differentiation between these two gods.

Hence let everyone worship Lord Venkateswara as our beloved deity, and let us sanctify him by reading at least some of the beautiful verses from the holy text, “SRI NALAYIRA DIVYA PRABANDAM”.


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