Veera Lakshmi (Dhairya Lakshmi), Goddess of Courage

Veera Lakshmi (Dhairya Lakshmi)

Veera Lakshmi (Dhairya Lakshmi)

Veera Lakshmi (Dhairya Lakshmi) is one of the forms of Ashta Lakshmi. She is the Goddess of Courage and strength.She is also known as Dhairya Lakshmi. She is often depicted as having eight arms and is seen wearing a red garment. She carries a shankha, chakra, bow and arrow, trishul and a bundle of palm leaf scriptures. Her other two hands are in the gestures of abhaya and varada mudra. She is seen seated on a lotus.

Veera Lakshmi is the Goddess of Courage and strength. The kind of courage and strength needed to overcome difficulties in life and take up challenges. Those who are in tune with infinite power are always bound to have victory and live a life of tremendous stability.She also blesses her devotees with intelligence to strategise and plan the actions so as to achieve the target every time.

Veera Lakshmi Stotra:

Jaya vara varnini vaishnavi bhargavi mantra swarupini mantramaye

sura gana pujita sheegra phala prada gnana vikasini shashtra nute

bhava bhaya haarini papa vimochani saadhu janaashrita padayute

jaya jaya he madhusudhana kamini dhairya lakshmi sada palaya mam


The best among beautiful women who is the beloved one of Vishnu and who incarnated as the daughter of Bhrgu Maharshi, one who is worshipped by the devas and who expands gnana and grants the desired boons, One who destorys our fears about worldly afflictions and liberates us from our sins, one whose feet is worshipped by holy people, Victory to Dhairya Lakshmi, who is the beloved of madhusudhana, Protect me forever.

Veera Lakshmi (Dhairya Lakshmi)

Veera Lakshmi (Dhairya Lakshmi)

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