Vedha Porutham in Horoscope Matching

Vedha Porutham in Horoscope Matching, what is the significance of Vedha Porutham, why it is important in horoscope matching?

The tradition of consulting the poruthams or kootas for fixing the marriage alliance among the Hindus has great significance. This is an important task before solemnizing any marriage. This activity shouldn’t be taken lightly and should be deal with seriousness.

It is to be remembered that marriage isn’t temporary convenience between a boy and a girl but it is a lifelong bonding. The sages of ancient India gave marriage its best significance and formed a perfect methodology into direct existence known as panchangam.

It is to be noted that consulting panchangam helps to understand the rate of matching for the lasting togetherness of a man and a woman.

The ancient sages studied the nakashtras or the birth stars for fixing the panchangam. The poruthams are charted based on the zodiac signs. It is important to largely consider them before permitting a boy and a girl to get married. The sages have tabulated twenty porutham and just ten poruthams are considered for match fixing. Among the poruthams, vedha porutham is one of the important porutham.

The other poruthams are diinam, ganam, yoni, rasi, rasiyathipaty, vasyas, mahendram and stree deerganam. It is based on the zodic sign the poruthams are perfectly calculated. The couples should have a good number of matches for fixing the marriage.

Vedha porutham is a situation where the birth star of the boy and the girl are not in agreement. This situation creates a problem in the fixing of the marriage and leading a happy and prosperous life. Lives will be filled with pitfalls, evil or shortcoming in the married life. if there is vedha in the stars then the marriage is called off immediately.

The elders say that the couples will always quarrel and have lot of misunderstanding throughout their life. therefore this porutham is given much significance in the fixing of marriage alliance.

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