Vedas | Oldest Hindu Scriptures

The Vedas are a part of Hindu religious texts, it was written in Sanskrit by Sri Vyasa, and it contains the details of ancient Hindu holy texts.

There are four Vedas: the Rigveda, the Yajurveda, the Samaveda and the Atharvaveda. And these Vedas tells about the rituals, meditation, bhakti concepts, and about the Hindu philosophies etc. Vedas contains sacred texts, which was recited by the ancient sages and also by the present day Vedic scholars while performing Hindu functions and Ceremonies.

Vedas constitute a major role in the life of Brahmins, and also by the Hindus belonging to other castes who used to wear the sacred thread.The father of the Veda is considered as Lord Brahma, and the mother of Veda is Mata Gayatri Devi, the consort of Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma is having the four Vedas in his hands,and with the help of that, he is able to do his creation work in a proper manner.

Lord Agni occupies a main role in sending the share of oblations to the respective Vedic gods, while performing Yagnas, also called as fire sacrifices. Lord Vishnu, Lord Shiva, Lord Agni, Vayu, Yama, Indra, Surya and Chandra are considered as Vedic deities. Chanting of Vedas would boost up our energy levels and would help us to get freshness in our mind and body. Ancient sages have got great spiritual powers by chanting the Vedas and by doing meditation on the god.

Once, when the demons Madhu and Kaitabha had stolen the Vedas from Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu took the Hayagriva avatar, fought with the demons, took the Vedas from them, and gave it back to Lord Brahma. Vedas are considered as a very holy text in Hinduism, and Vedas and Puranas are considered as our two eyes. If we read the Vedas and Puranas, we can know lot of divine matters from that.

Many Veda Patashalas are there throughout India. Some Brahmins children would choose Vedic education as their main profession. After studying in the Patasala, they would become temple priest, as well as they would perform the functions and ceremonies of their clients. Among the Veda Patasalas, Raja Veda Patasala in Kumbakonam is an ancient Patasala, and in this Patasala, lot of students are learning Vedas and becoming great scholars.


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