Vayu Purana

The Vayu Purana is a Holy Purana and it is also believed to be written by Sri Veda Vyasa. Vayu Purana is a sacred text, which mentions about the powers of the Trimurtis and the importance in worshipping them.

Vayu Purana also describes about the significance of Lord Vayu Bhagavan, the wind god, about his excellent discharge of duties, his great powers and his kindness with the living beings in the universe etc.

The Vayu Purana, was written in palm leaf manuscripts and it was carefully preserved by the Vaishnavite saints. The text was also read by the famous kings and scholars, and they tasted the sweetness of the contents in the Purana.The Vayu Purana covers the details about gods, demigods, ancient kings and their importance, and also about the various caste systems followed by the people, and it insists the people to live their life as per the path of Dharma.

As per legend, Vayu Purana was narrated by Lord Vayu Bhagavan to various ancient rishis, and they then conveyed it to Rishi Narada, and then he narrated the holy purana to Sage Veda Vyasa.

As per the teachings mentioned in this Purana, people must follow the path of righteousness, and they should always do good deeds, must treat everyone in a kind manner, and must not neglect others. Children must give proper respect to their parents, must listen to their words, and they have to live their life as per their sayings. Women must be treated with great respect, and they must be treated similar to men.

According to this holy text, People must have to dedicate their entire attention on worshipping the almighty, sing in praise of him, listen to the divine discourses and must chant his mantras. Useless speeches must be avoided and people must thank the god throughout their life. Vedas, puranas and other holy texts must be regularly read by the people, and they must spread the concept of bhakti to others.

If we follow the teachings as mentioned in the Vayu Purana, Lord Vayu Bhagavan would shower his grace on us, and due to that, we would become healthier and wealthier, and can attain all kinds of prosperity in our life.


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