Vayu Loka | Gandhavati Loka | Abode of Vayu Bhagavan

The great Vayu Loka is known as Gandhavati Loka, and it is situated some distance away from the Swarga Loka. Vayu Loka contains very good features, and it is covered with full of gardens, trees and peculiar kind of animals and birds are also found. It is a big place, and contains several palaces for Lord Vayu Bhagavan and also for his attendants. Some ancient rishis are also residing in the Vayu Loka, and in this loka, Chill weather would prevail at all the seasons.

Vayu is the wind god, and he is an ancient Vedic deity. His parents are Rishi Kashyapa and Aditi, his consort is Ma Svasti, and his children are Makanaka and Gandhavayu, and his vehicle is a deer. He took the avatar of Lord Hanuman in the Treta Yuga and served Lord Rama in a sincere manner, and in the Dwapara Yuga, he took the avatar of Bheema and sincerely served Lord Krishna, and in this Kali Yuga, he has taken the avatar of Madhwa, the founder of the Madhwa Brahmin sect, and he is still residing in the Badarikashram in a divine form, and he serves the great Rishi Veda Vyasa, an amsha of Lord Vishnu.

Lord Vayu helps us to breathe properly, and without his grace, no one could survive in this world. He could know about our thoughts, and if we think about spiritual matters, he would give his immense blessings to us by the way of giving a healthy body.

Rishi Narada used to visit this sacred Loka, and would converse with Vayu Bhagavan. Both of them are ardent devotees of Lord Vishnu, and they used to talk about the holiness of Lord Vishnu. Vayu would also frequently meditate on Lord Vishnu, and as a result, his powers are getting increased day by day.

Those who do sacred deeds in this earth, and keep sincere bhakti on Lord Vishnu and on Lord Vayu, would get an opportunity to dwell in the sacred Vayu Loka after their death. In the Vayu Loka, no one would suffer from hunger, thirst and from diseases. Everyone would get a shining body, and can live there peacefully and happily for many years, by worshipping the great Lord “VAYU BHAGAVAN”.


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