16, 17 April 2012: Varuthini Ekadasi

Today, 17 April 2012 is Varuthini Ekadasi (Vaishnav, Bhagvat Ekadasi). 16 April was Smarta Ekadasi. It is observed on 11th day of Krishna Paksha in Vaishakh month as per North Indian Hindi calendars. It is also auspicious in 2012 as it falls on Somvar (Somvar Ekadasi). It falls in Chaitra masam as per Telugu, Kannada, Gujarati, and Marathi calendars.

Varuthini Ekadashi in 2012 begins at 4.13 AM on 16 April and ends on 5.07 AM on 17 April 2012.

Importance of Varuthini Ekadasi, Varuthini Ekadasi Story (Varuthini Ekadasi Vrat Katha)

Varuthini Ekadasi story or vrath katha is mentioned in the Brahmanda Uttara Purana as a conversation between Lord Krishna and Yudhistira. By observing this Ekadasi fasting, King Mandhata was liberated. Many other kinds such as Maharaja Dhundhumara of Ikshvaku dynasty became from leprosy resulting from the curse that Lord Shiva had imposed upon him as a punishment. The merits attained by performing austerities and penances for ten thousand years would be equal to that of the merits one gets by performing varuthini ekadasi vrat.

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