Kalasarpa Yogam 2021 dates

Kalasarpa Yogam (sometimes, also known as Kalasarpa Dosham) is an astrological combination where all prime planets such as Ravi (Sun), Budha (Mercury), Shukra (Venus), Kuja (Mars), Guru (Jupiter), Shani (Saturn) and Chandra (Moon) are placed between Rahu and Ketu, the kundali is considered to have the Kalsarpa Yoga.

Kalasarpa Yogam is considered as inauspicious by some astrologers. As per the theory, Kalasarpa Yogam gives great difficulties in life with challenging disadvantages but at the same time it may give great strength to fight all the challenges in life and be victorious.

In 2021, there are four Kalasarpa Yogam periods – each one in January, February, March and December. These four Kalasarpa Yogams may affect the financial, political, commerce and health sectors of the world. According to some astrologers, Kalasarpa Yogam may not affect individual’s life.

Kalasarpa Yogam in January 2021

It begins on 10 January 2021 and ends on 24 January 2021.

Kalasarpa Yogam in February 2021

It begins on February 6 and ends on 21 February.

Kalasarpa Yogam in March 2021

It begins on 6 March and ends on 20 March.

Kalasarpa Yogam in December 2021

It begins on 14 December and ends on 17 December.

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