Varuna Loka | Abode of Varuna Deva

Varuna Bhagvan on Crocodile

Varuna Bhagvan on Crocodile

Lord Varuna is an ocean god, and he is an ancient Vedic deity. He was praised in several hymns contained in the Rig Veda. He is the son of Aditi and Rishi Kashyapa, and he is also mentioned in ancient texts. He contains great powers, and he is controlled by Lord Indra, and he receives his share of oblation from the fire sacrifices. He is also mentioned in Ramayana and Mahabharata. His vehicle is a crocodile, his consort is Ma Varuni, and his children are Surasundari and Vandi.

Varuna Loka is present inside the deep seas, and his palace appears similar to Lord Brahma’s Satya Loka. Golden ornaments decorates his body, and he looks very handsome, and glitters like a sun. His palaces are covered with golden pillars, and good paintings decorate his palace, and several magical features are also present in his palace, which adds more beauty to his place. Palaces built for his servants also appears very beautiful, and people living in that place, need not suffer from mental worries and from any other problems in their life.

During the previous Dwapara Yuga, when Nandagopa, foster father of Lord Krishna took bath during midnight time in the Yamuna River, the attendants of Lord Varuna takes him to the Varuna Loka. Then after knowing about his status, Lord Varuna welcomed him to his palace and granted him a good seat to sit and relax, and he was also offered delicious food by the servants of Lord Varuna. Nandagopa was very much satisfied with the hospitality shown by Lord Varuna, and he spent happily in that place for some time.

Through his spiritual powers, Lord Krishna came to know about his whereabouts, and then he immediately went to the Varuna Loka, and enjoyed the respect given by Lord Varuna, and then he took back his father along with him to the Vrindavan.

The lokas of the demigods like Vayu, Varuna, Indra, Chandra and Agni looks very beautiful, since these demigods contain the features of the main gods. Sri Varuna Deva had incarnated as Jhulelal Maharaj, a great 10th century Sindhi saint who is our saviour, and a divine healer.


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