Vamana Purana



The Vamana Purana is a Sanskrit text, and it is believed to be written by Sri Veda Vyasa, and it is one of the eighteen Puranas of Hinduism. It describes about the noble Vamana Avatar, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu, and about his greatness, holiness, perfectness and the kindness showered on his devotees.

During the end of the first Satya Yuga, when Mahabali had conquered the Indra Loka, and when he tried to rule over the Indra Loka, Lord Vishnu had incarnated as a dwarf Brahmin, and he was born as the son of Rishi Kashyapa and Mata Aditi, with the mighty name, “VAMANA”, and when he attended the Yagna of King Mahabali, he asked to donate him three foot of land for him. When Mahabali had agreed, “VAMANA” took gigantic form, covering the sky and the earth, and since Mahabali was unable to offer the third foot of land, he was pressed by Lord Vamana, into the Sutala Loka, the underworld, and he made him to become the king of that Loka, and also gave him good health, wealth and offered all kinds of prosperity to him, in that holy loka. Mahabali went to that Loka, along with his grandfather, the great Bhakta Prahlada, with his wife and his children including the noble son “NAMASU”.As per the wishes of Mahabali, still Lord Vishnu is guarding the Sutala Loka from enemy attacks.

Many of us are thinking that Lord Vamana had cheated Mahabali, and had thrown him out to the Sutala Loka. But actually it is not like that. Mahabali is entitled to rule over the Indra Loka only during the next Krita Yuga. For him, Lord Brahma has written the fate like that. Without knowing about the full details, most of us are thinking badly about Bhagavan Vamana.

The great Lord who has created the entire universe, would never do wrong things to others. He is the everlasting one, and he cannot be destroyed by anyone. Cursing the god and disrespecting him would never cause any harm to him, but it would affect us only. The great almighty is away from the karmas. He is the one who is putting fate on us.

We can worship Lord Vamana in the famous Thrikkakara Temple at Kerala at least once in a year. For those who are unable to visit this holy temple, at least they can watch the videos of the temple in the YouTube Channel.

By worshipping Vamana, we would become broad minded people, and all good habits would be generated within us, and we would be able to live a pious and a noble life, by enjoying all kinds of prosperity in this earth.

Let us worship the great, pious, noble and the divine Vamana and be blessed.



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