Valmiki Ramayana Book with 660 Miniature Paintings, French Edition of Ramayana

Valmiki Ramayana in French with 660 miniature paintings

French Valmiki Ramayana book with 660 miniature paintings is the most illustrated Ramayana till date. The French renditions of Valmiki’s 48,000 verses have been lavishly illustrated with 660 miniatures shortlisted from 5,000 Ramayan-inspired paintings that the Paris-based publisher, Diane de Selliers, located during a 10-year search that took her to 42 museums in 37 cities and little towns across 11 countries.

The official website of Valmiki Ramayana says:

One of the founding epics and a masterpiece of Indian literature, the Ramayana tells the story of the exemplary life of Prince Rama. Rama’s profound wisdom, his generosity of heart and his supernatural power have made him into a legendary hero hallowed not only in India but throughout south Asia. Avatara of the god Visnu, endowed with all qualities and the highest virtues, he is the incarnation of the dharma and the protector of the world of the living.

This edition brings together for the first time the whole of the epic of the Ramayana illustrated with six hundred and sixty Indian miniatures.

Amina Taha Hussein-Okada, Keeper of Indian Art at the Musée des Arts asiatiques Guimet, Paris, accompanies each miniature with a commentary on its narrative, art and symbolism to provide remarkable didactic and aesthetic insights into the most illustrated work of Indian culture. She also wrote the introduction of the book.

The thought-provoking preface by B. N. Goswamy, Emeritus Professor of History of Art at the Punjab University, Chandigarh, and leading specialist of the Pahari school of painting, sheds light on the fundamental place held by the Ramayana in Indian civilization and culture, and the importance of its message with respect to the laws of dharma. By bringing to the fore his own relationship to the holy text, he shows how even today, the Ramayana is a companion and guide at all times.

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