Aranya Kanda | Aranya Kandam in Ramayana

Aranya Kandam is the third chapter in the great epic Ramayana. Those who travel for a long distance due to their occupation or due to temple visits are suggested to read this holy chapter, since this chapter covers Rama’s stay in the forest along with his brother Lakshmana and his consort Ma Sita. They reached […]

Ayodhya Kanda | Ayodhya Kandam in Ramayana

Few years after the completion of marriage ceremony of Rama and Sita, the Ayodhya King Dasaratha, had consulted with his ministers and his Guru Vasishta about the coronation ceremony of Rama. But before the day of coronation, the maid of Kaikeyi, Manthara, who was an hunch back, had spoiled the mind the Kaikeyi, and told […]

Bala Kandam | Balkanda in Valmiki Ramayana

Bala Kandam is the first chapter or first Kandam of the Valmiki Ramayana, which tells about the birth of Lord Rama, his significance, and his blessings showered onto his devotees during the Treta Yuga. Though Lord Rama didn’t born with Chanku and Chakra in his hands similar to Lord Krishna, but through his shining face […]

Foundation for Valmiki Ramayana

Strict adherence to the principles of righteous conduct enjoined by the Vedas is the prime duty of every individual. Wealth and status should not be allowed to stand in the way of fulfilling that obligation. The epics are but annotations on the norms of Justice delineated in the Shastras, containing as they do instances of […]

Valmiki Ramayana Book with 660 Miniature Paintings, French Edition of Ramayana

French Valmiki Ramayana book with 660 miniature paintings is the most illustrated Ramayana till date. The French renditions of Valmiki’s 48,000 verses have been lavishly illustrated with 660 miniatures shortlisted from 5,000 Ramayan-inspired paintings that the Paris-based publisher, Diane de Selliers, located during a 10-year search that took her to 42 museums in 37 cities […]