Vadalur Vallalar Temple

There is a famous temple for Sri Vallalar, which is situated at Vadalur, and the main activity of this temple is to provide unlimited tasty food for three times a day to all the visitors and devotees. This temple was opened by Sri Vallalar during the year 1872, which is also known as the “SathyaGnanaSabha”.

In order to remove the hungriness and to quench the thirst of the people, Ramalingar opened this Sabha, and it is still actively functioning without any hindrance. There is a stove in the temple kitchen which is burning continuously from the year 1872 onwards, in order to show to the world, that adequate food is always available at this temple to the devotees.

Food grains are provided by the devotees of Vallalar to this temple throughout India, and with their great help, food is provided to thousands of people, from morning to night.We can also donate either in cash or in the form of food grains to the temple office, and by doing that, we can fetch lot of good karmas. Every year, ThaiPoosam festival is grandly celebrated at this temple, and lot of devotees from all over India, used to participate in this wonderful event.

Vallalaris one of the popular Tamil Saints during the 19th century, and he is also considered as an incarnation of Thirumoolar, who is a great Siddhar and also a Nayanmar Saint.

According to the teachings of Ramalinga Adigal, the main purpose of human life is to love others, to do lot of charity works, and to practice spirituality as a daily routine activity. He showed his kindness to all the living beings in the earth, like birds, animals, insects and humans. During his period, he has done lot of miracles in the lives of his devotees, and still now, whoever chants his mantra, “OM SRI RAMALINGA VALLALARE NAMAHA”, can get his immense blessings.

He was a strict vegetarian, and he asked others to practice vegetarian diet only. According to him, eating of non-vegetarian food is a sinful activity, and it must be avoided.He was against caste discrimination, and he considered doing service to the poor is equivalent to providing service to the god.

Temple Name: Thiru Arutprakasa Vallalar Temple
City : Vadalur – 607303
District : Cuddalore
State : TamilNadu

We can visit this nice temple during Thaipoosam festival day, in order to get the divine darshan of Vallalar in the form of “JOTHI”.

Those who are unable to visit this temple can watch some of the YouTube Videos of this temple, in order to spend their time delightfully.


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