Udupi Paryaya 2010 – Udupi Paryaya Festival

Udupi Paryaya festival is a bi-annual celebration observed in the month of January when Shiruru Peetadhipathi or the Head of Shirur Matha ascends the Paryaya Pitha at the Shri Krishna Mutt and Udupi Krishna temple. Udupi Paryaya 2010 date is January 18 and the celebrations or rituals have already begun in Udupi and Shirur. This festival is highly auspicious for Madhva people and the followers of Madhvacharya. In 2010, the date of Paryaya falls on Magh Shukla Thadiya day.

During Paryaya celebrations 2010, Shirur Swamiji will be succeeding the present Paryaya Matahdhipathi Sri Sugunendra Theertha. On the Paryaya day, the administration and responsibilities of puja and rituals in Udupi Sri Krishna temple are handed over to another swamiji of another mutt by the present swamiji of a Mutt. The administration of the temple will be shared by eight Mutts established by Madhvacharya.

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