Madhwa Navami in Udupi Sri Krishna Temple – Madhva Navami celebrations

Madhwa Navami or Madhwa Navami is celebrated with utmost gaiety on Magha Shukla Navami day. This day commemorates the journey of Madhwacharya to Badarikashrama. Madhwa Navami 2022 date is February 9.

On this day Madhwacharya, the exponent of Dwaita philosophy, went to meet his Guru Veda Vyasa at Badrinath and disappeared.

On Madhva Navami day, special pujas are offered to the idol of Madhvacharya in all Ashta Mutts (eight Mutts of Madhvacharya). Brahmins and scholars chant the holy text, ‘Madhva Vijaya at Udupi Sri Krishna Temple.

The idol or the image of Madhvacharya takes out in a procession in the evening. ‘Brahma Rathotsava marks the conclusion of Madhva Navami celebrations in Udupi Sri Krishna Temple.

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