Tula Rashi August 2019 Monthly Predictions | Libra Horoscope August 2019

Tula Rasi (Libra moon sign or Libra zodiac sign) is the seventh among 12 Rashi systems of Hindu Astrology.

Chitra Nakshatra 3, 4 padas (charans), Swati Nakshatram, Visakha Nakshatra 1, 2, 3 padas are categorized under Tula Raasi.

Those who born between 23 September and 22 October are the natives of Libra Zodiac sign as per the date of birth. This system is used in Hindu astrology when you do not know the exact time or your birth star (Janma nakshatram).

Tula Rashi August 2019 Monthly Horoscope – Predictions

Tula Rashi Education Predictions August 2019

Students may face a tough period and they have to put in additional efforts to secure good marks. If you are preparing for higher studies, it makes sense to go for proper coaching so that you can get good results. However, you should not discouraged by the situation and always work hard to reach your goals.

Tula Rashi Career Predictions August 2019

Your career will see good growth in this month and you will be able to accomplish all your goals. Even when you have to travel for work, it will be fruitful. You can expect good rewards from your superiors and there will be no conflicts with your team members.

Tula Rashi Wealth Predictions August 2019

Your financial condition will improve in this month and you will be able to get complete support from your team members. If you try to mingle with accomplished people, you may get additional benefits. If you are expecting some funds from any sources you have to wait for some more time to get expected results.

Tula Rashi Family Life Predictions August 2019

There are no issues in this regard and you can look forward to some auspicious event in your family. Your past good deeds will help you in this situation. Elders in your family will be happy with your behavior. Some pending financial issues will also be resolved in this month.

Tula Rashi Children Predictions August 2019

If your children are facing trouble at school, you should offer them support and resolve the issue before it gets complicated. You should also motivate your kids to study hard as this can help them in future. Do not be harsh on your children as they are going through a difficult period.

Tula Rashi Health Predictions August 2019

There is no need to worry too much about your health in this month. You can even expect some relief from previously existing digestive disorders. If you have any issues with vital organs, you should never neglect them and always get timely treatment so that you can avoid complications in the long run.

Tula Rashi Travel Predictions August 2019

It is a good time to travel and you should make the best use of this situation. All your dreams will come true when you plan your travel carefully and you can expect good gains for your business. If you have a choice, prefer the northern direction as this can bring you better than expected results.

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