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TTD Brahmotsavams Schedule 2018 | 13-21 September 2018

The annual Brahmotsavams, the biggest and mightiest event among 450 festivals that are being observed in the hill shrine of Sri Venkateswara Swamy at Tirumala all through the year is all set to commence from September 13.

As per lunar calendar, because of additional month during every three years, this year there are two brahmotsavams, one in September and the second in October.


Brahmotsavam is considered most auspicious festival at the Srivari temple since it is believed to have first performed by none other than the Creator, Lord Brahma Himself out of His reverence towards Lord Vishnu, the Protector. Hence this festival is popular by name Brahmi raagam. Brahma in Sanskrit means Nine. Hence this festival is also observed as a nine day fete, Navahnika Brahmotsavams.


This mega festival is observed in such a way that this fete concludes on the advent of Sravana nakshatram in Kanya masam(Ashwiyuja) with Chakra Snanam.


The temple cleansing fete Kool Anwar Tirumanjanam is performed before commencement of annual Brahmotsavams. It will be observed on
September 11 while the Ankurarpanam or seed sowing festival on September 12.

The nine day event commences with the unfurling of the Garudalwar Flag on the temple pillar on September 13 through a ceremony called Dhwajarohanam.


There would not be Dwajarohanam and Dwajaavarohanam during the Navaratri Brahmotsavams.

The Navarathri Brahmotsavams are slated to commence from October 10 and conclude on October 18.


As per the changed schedule vahana sevas will be held between 9 AM -11 AM in the mornings and from 8PM and 10 PM in the evenings with an exception of Garuda Vahanam which commences at 7 PM and concludes at midnight 12.

A Schedule of vahana sevas and the events of the nine day devotional spenldor and bhakti elixir are as below.

Ankurarpanam (12 September 2018) – 7 PM to 8 PM

Dwajarohanam (Sep. 13) – 4PM and 4-45 PM in Makara Lagnam.

Pedda Shesha Vahanam (13 September 2018) 8 PM:

The processional deity of Sri Malayappa Swamy rides on seven hooded Serpant Adi sesha along the Mada streets with His two consorts, Sridevi and Bhudevi to bless pilgrims. The shesha vahanam is symbolic for Dasya Bhakti.

Chinna Sesha Vahanam (14 September 2018) 9 AM:

The second vahana seva of utsavamurthy of Malayappa Swamy is Chinna Shesha vahanam which begins at 9.AM.

This vahanam is symbolic with Vasuki, another serpent king and is said to beget benefits of Kundaliniyoga siddhaphalam.

Hamsa Vahanam (14 September 2018) 8PM:

This Vahanam on second day evening of Brahmotsavams is depicted in legends as a true icon of justice as the Swan in Vedas is being described as the form of Paramahamsa Swarupa.

Simha Vahanam (15 September 2018) 9AM:

On the third day morning Sri Malayalam rides on Simha vahanam indicating the power, speed and ferociousness as the ingredients of His divine existence.

Muthyapu Pandiri (15 September 2018) 8PM:

On the night of day, Malayappa Swamy rides on a palanquin of pearls, which is often related to Moon, symbol of peace and tranquillity.

Kalpavruksha (16 September 2018) 9AM:

The Kalpavruksha vahanam in the morning of Day-4 is one of the highlights of the festival which bestows whatever boons to devotees as sought by them.

Sarva Bhoopala vahanam (16 September 2018) 8PM:

The Sarva Bhopala vahanam epitomises the universal supremacy of Lord Venkateswara. It is believed that the deities of all galaxies, the Astadikpalakas work under the directions of Sri Venkateswara Swamy.

Mohini vahanam (17 September 2018) 9AM:

On the fifth Day of the Brahmotsavams, Lord adorns Mohini avataram, the universal enchantress. Through this avatar, Lord preaches not to fall prey to Maya-the myth in this world.

Garuda Vahanam (17 September 2018) 7PM:

Garuda Vahanam is the pinnacle of the Brahmotsavam as Lord rides on His favourite Garuda vahanam. Devotees in lakhs throng to the Tirumala hills to catch a glimpse of Lord on this day.

Hanumantha vahanam (18 September 2018) 9AM:

On Day-6, Lord blesses is devotees in Sri Rama avatar while riding on his disciple Hanumantha. Their darshan is expected to yield philosophical intellectual to tge
devotees .

Swarna Ratham (18 September 2018) 4PM:

Swarna ratham is another attraction on the Day-6 of Brahmotsavam as Lord rides on a golden chariot. Devotees of Kalyana katta will present Golden umbrellas to the deity on the occasion.

Gaja vahanam (18 September 2018) 8PM:

On the night of sixth day, Lord rides on divine elephant vehicle, symbolising the devotion and surrender philosophy of Vaikanasa sect of Sri Vaishnavism.

Surya Prabha (19 September 2018) 9AM:

On the morning of seventh day of Brahmotsavam, Lord rides on Surya Prabha vahanam sybmolising the supreme powers of Sun God.

Chandra Prabha (19 September 2018) 8PM:

On the night of the sixth day, Lord rides on Chandra Prabha displaying peace, tranquillity as premier media of achieving devotion and spirituality and well being in the society.

Rathotsavam (20 September 2018) 7:30AM:

On the penultimate day of Srivari Brahmotsavam, Rathotsavam is conducted on the mada streets in the morning. This event symbolises the philosophy of the soul and the body in Hinduism. Lord blesses the devotees to achieve bliss and also do soul searching of their good and bad acts.

Aswa vahanam (20 September 2018) 8PM:

This is the final vahana seva as a part of the Salakatla Btahmotsavams at Tirumala. According to Krishna Yajur veda, Aswa-the celestial Horse stood for control of all body elements and Lord displayed his identity as a model of Kaliyuga Purusha, to protect the humanity from evil.

Chakrasnanam (21 September 2018) 7.30 AM:

This is the final but one event of the Brahmotsavam on the ninth day morning. The Utsava idols of Malayappa, Sri Devi, Bhi Devi and anthropomorphic form of Lord, Sri Sudarshana Chakrathalvar are given final abhisekam in the Swami Pushkarini before returned to the Ananda Nilayam in Tirumala temple. Thousands of devotees line up in the Swami pushkarini to beget the blessings of the Lord by taking a dip in the holywaters along with the deities in the auspicious hour.

Dwaja avarohanam (21 September 2018) 7 PM:

This is the final event of the festival where after the Golden Tiruchi procession, the Garuda flag is brought down from the dwajasthambham as per agama traditions. The event also brings down curtains on the nine day schedule of Brahmotsavams.

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