Third day of Brahmotsavam | Simha Vahana Seva & Muthyala Pandiri Seva

On the Third day of Brahmotsavam, in the morning Simha vahanam seva and in the evening Muthyala Pandiri sevas are celebrated. In 2017, Third day of Navaratri Brahmotsavams date is September 25.

Third day starts with Simha Vahana seva in the morning as the vehicle of Malayappa swamy is lion king. as we all know that Sri Narasimha killed Hiranyakasipa, a demon. We can see yoga Narasimha swamy’s idol too in the temple. We can also observe lions on all the four corner tops of the temple.

In the evening, Lord gives us darsan in mutyala pandiri vahanam, a canopy made of pearls. Lord Srinivasa sits majestically in this pearl canopy and goes round mada streets – simply beauty personified.

The alankaram in the seva is done in balakrishna roopa i.e. lord Krishna as a baby. Lord and his consorts are decorated with wonderful ornaments and garlands.

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