Trijuti Rudraksha, Tribhagi Rudraksha – Mantra, Importance

Bead of Trijuti Rudraksha is a combination of three rudraksha beads joined naturally. This bead is considered to be the unique wonder of nature. However, combination of naturally joined three Rudraksha is also called as Tribhagi. Trijuti Rudraksha has many names; it is also referred as Gauri Paath i.e. Brahma Vishnu Mahesh. Trijuti Rudraksha is known for symbolising universal basic characteristics. According to Hindu epic; this type of Rudraksha is a rare one. The bead is produced only once in several years.

Trijuti Rudraksha enhances the wearer’s personality and offer total control over difficult situations. As mentioned earlier, this type of Rudraksha bead is combination of Lord Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh, therefore it bestows the owner with wealth, confidence, health, knowledge and other immense powers. It is said, when a person wears, worship or owns this Rudraksha receives “Bramha Gyan”.

Trijuti Rudraksha being rare and costly is normally kept in the puja room. This Rudraksha bead is recommended to cure any sorts of internal and external body disease. Externally it helps the wearer with good health.

Trijuti Rudraksha bestows the wearer with the power of wealth, society, health, confidence, and understanding of consciousness and improves the power of mind. Most people have experience a universal appeal along with great achievements and confidence within short time limit. Wearing of this bead has no restriction, all men and women of any age can wear it.

Other aspects of Trijuti or Tribhagi Rudraksha 

Symbol of: Lord Bramha, Vishnu and Mahesh

Ruling God: The Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh)

Day of wearing: Monday

Mantra: Om Namah Shivay or Om Trimurti Devaya Namaha

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