Special Trains for Mahadevshal Temple Shravan Month Mela

As per South Eastern Railway ( SER), about half a dozen trains would stop for one month from July 9 to August 8 at Mahadevshal, a popular religious site in neighbouring West Singhbhum district during Shravan Month.

The trains will halt for two minutes. Officials of South Eastern Railway said that Chakradharpur-Rourkela Passenger will stop at Mahadevshal for two minutes daily. The Tatanagar-Bilaspur Passenger and Tatanagar-Nagpur Passenger will also halt at that place of religious importance for two minutes daily.

According to the railway circular, the Durg-Rajendranagar South Bihar Express, the Tata- Alleppey Link Express and Howrah-JagdalpurExpress will stop at Mahadevshal on Sunday and Monday. The Puri-HaridwarUtkal Express will stop at Mahadevshal daily. The trains will stop at Manadevshal from July 9. The decision has been taken to help devotees reach Mahadevshal without much hassles. This arrangement would continue for a month.

Located on the Howrah-Mumbai main line, Mahadevshalunder Chakradharpur division in West Singhbhum district over the years has emerged as an important religious destination. Apart from Jharkhand, devotees from neighbouring states like Bihar, Odisha and Bengal throng the famous Shiva temple to be a part of this month-long celebration.

Situated on the banks of the picturesque Karoriver under Goelkera block, Mahadevshal temple was established in the 19th century by a local landlord.

Overwhelmed with the revenue earning, the Chakradharpur railway division will also introduce a special passenger train between Chakradharpur and Rourkela.

Sources in West Singhbhum district administration informed that over 1.25 lakh visitors and pilgrims visits the popular Mahadevshal temple during the holy month of Shravan last year. But, this year the figures are expected to cross 1.50 lakh.

Pilgrims from various parts of the state and the neighbouring Odisha will visit the temple during Shravan Month. This year the holy month commenced on July 10.

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