Mauna Panchami 2018 | Maun Panchami Vrat during Shravani Mela 2018

Mauna Panchami or Maun Panjami vrat is observed during Shravani Mela on Krishna Panchami in Shravan Maas in North India especially in Deoghar Baidyanath temple, Jharkhand. In 2018, Mauna Panchami date is August 2.

Lord Shiva is worshipped on Mauna Panchami day and devotees observe fasting and Maun vrat.

Maun means quietness or silence. Mauna has great importance in Hinduism. Lord Dakshinamurthy, an aspect of Lord Shiva, is also worshipped on Maun Panchami. Dakshinamurthi teaches his disciples (Rishis and Maharshis) with the divine wisdom of silence.

Devotees consider Moun Panchami as a special day in Shravani Mela to offer holy water of Ganga to Lord Shiva of Baidyanath Dham. Several lakhs of devotees visit the temple and offer Gangajal to Baba Baidyanathji.

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