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Tonsure in Tirumala Temple by women barbers

Tonsure in Tirumala Temple by women barbers

Tonsure is the practice of removing the hair on our head. Usually tonsuring would be done by the people in the temples after their wishes getting fulfilled. Tonsure would also be done by the people who suffer from severe dandruff on their hair. If we mentioned the word Tonsure, immediately we would remember tonsuring done in Lord Tirupati Balaji Temple, and in Palani Murugan Temple.

In Tirumala, the devotees who want to tonsure their heads must visit the Kalyanakatta. In that place, more than 1000 barbers are engaged in doing tonsure activity, and they are working in shifts also.Tonsuring is done to the devotees, without charging any fees from them.

After the completion of tonsuring, devotees can utilise the Bathroom facility, and hot water is also provided to the pilgrims who have tonsured their head. For doing tonsure, we have to procure tokens from the Temple office. Tonsure is also a practice in Christianity. In Hinduism, Tonsure would be done usually after the completion of first birthday of the child.And this would be done by the devotees either in their IshtaDevata Temples or in their Kula Devata Temples. Tonsure of heads is an ancient practice, and it has been followed by the devotees since Vedic times.

Tonsure of heads also would be done by the Hindus after the death of their parents and close relatives. In ancient times, widows would be forcibly tonsured, in order to look unattractive before others.Buddhist and Jainism monks would tonsure their heads regularly, as an act of showing their great respects to their god. We can also find the details about tonsure in our ancient puranas. Some ancient princes have tonsured their heads after the death of their father. Some young boys would regularly tonsure their heads, as a stylish act, and also to show their beauty in front of others. And also some body builders would shave their heads frequently and apply oil all over their body.


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