Today’s Solar Eclipse not visible in Dubai, UAE & other Gulf Countries, Solar Eclipse Time

Today’s partial solar eclipse (1-2 June 2011) will not be visible in Dubai, UAE, Saudi, and all other Gulf countries. This solar eclipse will be visible over some North Asian parts like Japan, China, North Korea; North Canada, Greenland, and Alaska. Even though, it is not visible, Hindupad provides the information of timings of the solar eclipse in UAE time.

Solar Eclipse June 2011 Time as per Saudi Arabia Time: eclipse begins at 10:25 pm on 1 June and ends at 2 am on 2 June 2011. (Mid eclipse or Maximum eclipse at 00:16 am on 2 June).

Solar Eclipse June 2011 Time as per UAE Time: eclipse begins at 11:25 pm on June 1 and ends at 3 am on 2 June 2011. (Maximum eclipse at 1:16 am on 2 June).

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