Watch Solar Eclipse 21 June 2020 Live Online | Surya Grahan Live

solar eclipse

You can watch Solar Eclipse 21 June 2020 live online. Pakshika Surya Grahan (Partial Solar Eclipse) will be visible over India, Pakistan, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and all other Middle East countries and Asian countries, etc. The eclipse will begin at 03.45 UTC on 21 June, and its maximum point will take place […]

Amavasya, 20 May 2012

Today, 20 May 2012 is Amavasya (No Moon) in Hindu calendar. It is Jyeshta Amavasya in North Indian Hindi calendars and Vaishakh Amavasya in Marathi, Gujarati, Telugu & Kannada calendars. It is Edava Maasa Amavasai in Malayam calendar and Vaigasi Maasa Amavasai in Tamil calendar. Amavasya begins at 2.41 AM on 20 May and ends […]

1 July 2011, Solar Eclipse, Today, Surya Grahan

Today is Solar Eclipse, 1 July 2011. It is the Rahugrastha Surya Grahan which occurs in Ardra nakshatra, Gemini moon sign (Mithuna rashi), and Cancer zodiac (Karka rashi). This partial solar eclipse will not be visible in any part of the earth. It is visible from South of Africa over the Hindu Ocean. It falls […]

1 July 2011, Amavasya, Today

Today is Amavasya (1 July 2011), the No Moon day in Hinduism. It is Ashad Amavasya in North Indian Hindi calendars. Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, and Telugu calendars consider it as Jyeshta Amavasya. Amavasya begins at 2.52 pm on 30 July 2011 and ends at 2.24 pm on 1 July 2011. Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan […]

Solar Eclipse Today, 1 June 2011, Surya Grahan Today

Today is Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan (1 & 2 June 2011). As per the Indian Standard Time, this surya grahan begins at 11.52 pm on 1 June and ends at 3.33 am on 2 June 2011. It is not visible from India, UK, USA, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, and Africa. This solar eclipse […]

Solar Eclipse Today 4 January 2011 – Surya Grahan Today

Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan will be taking place today in North Africa, Europe, and some parts of Asia. This eclipse on 4 January 2011 will be a partial solar eclipse which will start at Algeria and end in Asian parts. It will be visible in some parts of North India, Gulf countries, UK, North […]