Tirumala Nambi Tanneramudu Utsavam 2017 – 22 January

The annual Tirumala Nambi Tanneramudu Utsavam will be observed in Tirumala on January 22, 2017.

This fete is observed usually a day after the completion of Adhyayanotsavams to commemorate the kainkaryams of one of the ardent devotees of Lord Venkateswaa, Sri Tirumalai Nambi who is also known as Srisaila-Purna in Sanskrit.

He was the grandson of Yamunacharya (Alavandar) and he was one of the most popular names behind the propagation of Sri Vaishnavism. It was Tirumala Nambi who pioneered the Kainkaryam of getting Akasa Ganga water for the Aradhana of presiding deity of Lord Venkateswara every day and offering of Tulasi leaves to His Holy feet which is continued by his decendents even today in the Tatacharya family.

On Sunday on January 22, after the Sahasra Deepalankara Seva, the processional deities will reach the vahana mandapam along the four mada streets via Tirumala Nambi temple. Here the the descendants of Tirumala Nambi will carry the sacred Akasa Ganga waters from Varahaswamy temple and also reach Vahana Mandapam.

From Vahana Mandapam the deities will be taken inside the sanctum while the decedents carry the holy water in a procession along four mada streets and enter the hill temple. Inside the temple, the golden armour to the holy feet of Lord will be removed and special abhishekam will be performed with these holy waters.

Tirumala jeeyangars, archakas, Tatacharya descendants, temple staffs will participate in this holy fete.

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