Thiruvathira Nakshatra Predictions, Characteristics

Thiruvathira Nakshatra or Thiruvathira Nakshatram, the Thiruvathira birth star constellation, is the 6th Nakshatram among 27 birth star constellations in Malayalam Astrology. Ardra Nakshatram is categorized under Mithuna Rashi (Gemini zodiac sign).

This Nakshatra signifies the destruction and sorrow. Rudra is the God for Arudra Nakshtram and Rudra is the destructive part of Lord Shiva. If you are born in Thiruvathira Nakshatra, your horoscope and astrology predictions indicate the following personality and characteristics.

You, Thiruvathira nakshatra natives, will be so busy in your daily routine that you will rarely take food in time as a result of which your body will lack glow. You are short-tempered and will throw tantrums at the slightest provocation. You will not show or express gratitude to the person who does a favor to you. You will be cruel and ruthless having no compassion for anyone. But your near and dear ones will love and support you.

You, Thiruvathira nakshatram natives, will have a restless mind; you will be unable to fully concentrate on your work. Neither will you be able to stick to one place. Your financial position will be average but physically, you will be very strong. With the help of this strength you will get many of your important work done. In spite of the fact that you will not be highly educated your moral standards will be high.

You, Thiruvathira nakshtra natives, will be proud and conceited. With hard work and perseverance you will be able to have some major achievements. But generally your life will be full of struggle and you will earn your living through hard way. In your heart you will cherish love and affection for others and be loved in return.

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  1. Shivadev says:

    when does thiruvathira nakshtram start on 31 aug 2013

  2. Nair Arun says:

    Think very well before marrying a thiruvathira girl. My wife is thiruvathira.

  3. Arun Nair says:

    Wow..thats a co-incidence. My name is Arun Nair too and im madly in love with a girl who is born under Thiruvathira, eventhough she doesnt know about it 🙁

  4. Kalyani says:

    My name is kalyani,my date of bth is 25/7/1990 time 12.35pm would u pls find my present condition.My mind is totally disturbed

  5. sakthivel says:

    Dear kalyani,

    Your path some what hard. But you can manage…

  6. Priya says:

    I know a few thiruvathira people. They are dishonest, cruel and heartless people. Stay away from them!

  7. Greeshma PILLAI says:

    Greeshma pillai
    Dob: 14 April 1980
    Star: Uthrattathi
    Time : not sure , but the morning hours.
    Would you please let me know if id have a chance at going back to a satisfying and well paid job and general future.

  8. Kani kumar says:

    How can u judge people by their nakshatra? This doesn’t show that thiruvathira nakshatra people are cruel… This shows u r cruel.. That u judge without even knowing people..

  9. Sibi thomas says:

    My name sibi thomas dob 24.06.1998 time 5.00am to 6.00am. My life is very sad very struggled. please give my future conditions. And I have a romance with a girl.but I dont know she loves me

  10. kristina says:

    DOB: 16.02.1989 TIME: 1620HRS, PLACE OF BIRTH: KUALA LUMPUR. I dont know what is my natchatira and rasi


    I and a women we both are in deep love, I’m Avittam and She’s thiruvathira, I read stuff about those people characteristics, she has a very peaceful and calm personality, I liked that more in her, what shall I do? Ditch her?

  12. Renita says:

    my dob is 12 nov 1984 night 11pm birth place is in cochin, Kerala pls tell what is my nakshatra

  13. Ramgopal says:

    Hi,My name is Ramgopal,thiruvathira nakshatra…mithuna rashi…my place of birth is ranipet and time of birth I don’t remember sorry for that….

    Can you please tell about my professional life…iam getting totally disturbed on it

  14. delna says:

    Hai, thiruvathira nal. 10Th January 1990 7.02 am .could u plz let me know how my future and family will be.

  15. Sruthi says:

    Hi,my name is Sruthi and my birth details are 1/12/1993 4am, place tiruvalla,pathanathitta. I’m having trouble getting a good job and most of the things are getting much delayed in life . Because of this my mind is always disturbed. Can u please help me out?

  16. Ambika Devi R says:

    My.Son, s star Thiruvathira 24/02/1991 6.40 AM In character He is 100%.good but always he has a.feeling that he.had someillness and not yet got.any job.Whether his time will change .whether he shall got govt job and when did he got married pl.sent a Correct Reply

  17. Geetharani says:

    When is the right time, date and day for signing up sales and purchase documents.

  18. Sooraj. T. S says:

    Hai i am sooraj my star is leo. I am in relation the girl is thiruvathira i am totaly troubled i cant understand what is happening am in confused pls help me

  19. Priti says:

    Hi I am thiruvathira my name is priti born 27th November.

  20. Mydhily nair says:

    Tq for the information has I am in same nakshatra

  21. Mydhily nair says:

    Tq for the information has I my nakshatra is the same

  22. Neethu V says:

    Hi . My name is Neethu. Date of birth is 28-06-1995 want to when will be my marriage?

  23. Riya says:

    My husband is thiruvathira his dob is 22 Feb 1994. He is under some hardships can u please help.