Karthika Deepam Nomu (Deepadaana Vratham)

Karthika Deepam Nomu (Karthika Deepa Vratham) is an auspicious austerity observed in Karthika Masam in Telugu calendar. In 2020, Karthika Masam begins on 16 November and ends on 14 December.

It is performed on any Krittika Nakshatra day or on Pournami (Full Moon) day.

How to do Karthika Deepam Nomu?

In Shiva Temple, light 120 deepams and pray to Lord Ganapathi. Offer Abhishekam to Shiva with ‘Maaredu’ leaves.

After the puja, donate ‘Swayampakam’ to a Brahmin. Swayampakam is a combination of daily eatables such as rice, grams, grains, tamarind, chillies and vegetables.

In the following year, light up 240 deepams in Shiva Temple and perform Ganapathi Puja and Shiva Puja with shodashopachara.

Donate Swayampakam to two Brahmins. The next day, donate five deepams to 20 Brahmins. Thus concludes the Karthika Deepa Daana Nomu and the Vratha Udyapana.

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