Janma Kundali in Malayalam, Malayalam Horoscope predictions & Birth Chart

How to get horoscope chart in Malayalam? Where to get online astrology predictions in Malayalam? Here is the solution for this. Now, you can get your complete horoscope details, astrology predictions or Janm kundli in Malayalam by paying nominal fee. Hindupad introduces a new feature or service through which you can order your complete and […]

Makayiram Nakshatra: Predictions, Characteristics

Makayiram Nakshatra or Makayiram Birth Star Constellation is the 5th Nakshatram among 27 Nakshatras in Malayalam Astrology. Makayiram Nakshatra is partly in Vrushabha Rashi (Taurus zodiac sign) and partly in Mithuna Rashi (Gemini zodiac sign). You will have a peaceful mind and will have a passion for touring. Your eyes will be cunning so people will keep away from you. You […]

Rasi Athipathi Porutham (Compatibility of Rashi Lords)

Rasi Athipathi Porutham is the Compatibility of Rashi Lords of the Rashis of girl and boy. Rasi Athipathi Porutham is one of the compatibility factors to determine the marriage matching as per Malayalam Astrology and other Hindu Astrology systems. In order to ascertain the success of marriage, each and every planets position and its effect […]

Pooyam Nakshatra Characteristics, Horoscope, Astrology Predictions

Pooyam Nakshatra is the 8th Nakshatram among 27 birth star constellations in Malayalam astrology. The word Pooyam means to strengthen, to fortify. Pooyam is considered to be the best Nakshatra of all. Pooyam nakshatra belongs to Karka rasi or Karkataka rashi (Cancer zodiac sign). If you are born in Pooyam Nakshatra or Pooyam nakshatram birth star constellation, your horoscope indicates the following personality, characteristics, and […]

Punartham Nakshatram Characteristics| Predictions| Horoscope

Punartham Nakshatram is the seventh Nakshatram in 27 Nakshatras of Malayalam Astrology. If you are born in Punartham Nakshatra birth star constellation, your horoscope indicates the following astrology predictions for personality and characteristics. 1, 2, and 3 padas or charans of Punartham nakshatra belong to Mithuna Rashi or Gemini zodiac sign and the fourth pada or 4th charan belongs […]

Thiruvathira Nakshatra Predictions, Characteristics

Thiruvathira Nakshatra or Thiruvathira Nakshatram, the Thiruvathira birth star constellation, is the 6th Nakshatram among 27 birth star constellations in Malayalam Astrology. Ardra Nakshatram is categorized under Mithuna Rashi (Gemini zodiac sign). This Nakshatra signifies the destruction and sorrow. Rudra is the God for Arudra Nakshtram and Rudra is the destructive part of Lord Shiva. If you are born in Thiruvathira Nakshatra, your horoscope […]