Thiruvallam Parasurama Temple Phone Numbers, Timings, Contact Address

Here are the Thiruvallam Parasurama Temple Phone Number, Timings, Contact Address. Thiruvallam Parasurama Temple is one of the famous Temples in Kerala which is dedicated to Lord Parashurama, an incarnation of Lord Vishnu.

Thiruvallam Parasurama Temple is located at a distance of 5-10 kms from Thiruvananthapuram, the capital city of Kerala.

The Address of the Temple

Sree Parashurama Swamy Temple,

Pachalloor-Punkulam Road,

Thiruvallam, Thiruvananthapuram-6950001, Kerala.

Contact Telephone Number of Thiruvallam Temple


Timings of Thiruvallam Temple

5 AM to 8 PM. The timings may vary on festivals, auspicious days and special puja days.

Thiruvallam Temple will remain closed during Chandra Grahanam (Lunar Eclipse) and Surya Grahanam (Solar Eclipse).

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    Karkidaka vavunu Bali DARPA bathing ticket koduthuthudangiyo ? ticket counter opening time ?

  2. biju says:

    which date is “Chithira” nakshthram in this month

  3. Anjana Haridas says:

    Which date os Revathy nakshathram in Vrichikam

  4. Dr. Jayashree Pillai says:

    Please let me know the procedure to perform the last rites Puja of my father…regards,
    Dr. Jayashree Pillai, New Delhi . My email id is jayashree.pillai@
    Please let me know which date will be Magaram month, Uttaram star in 2018.

  5. K says:

    Uttam star of Makram shall be from 3rd Feb mrng till 4th Feb mrng (9-15 Nazhika) in 2018 as per

  6. Seetha.Chandrasekaran says:

    I’m malaysian n my name is Seetha. I would like to perfom my mother’s 1st year prayers in this temple coz she is an India citizen got married to my dad in such kindly advise me the exact rasi n nachathiram day n date for me to proceed the prayers Amma’s Name:M Premalatha Death date :8 Feb 2017..time 1.05 am (Malaysian time) ….Thanks in advance

  7. Sanjay Somasundaram says:

    My father Sri M.N.Somasundaram expired on July 15th last year. 2016.Nakshatram Vishaka.
    What puja or rituals will I have to perform on first year death ceremony

  8. Murali says:

    Please let me know tomorrow (22/07/2017) At what time the Karkidakavavu beli starts in this temple

  9. Geetha Jayakumar says:

    I wanted to do shradham for my mother on 16th August 2017. Please advice the formalities.

  10. Dr. Jayashree Pillai says:

    We want to conduct Bali and pooja of our father on his first death anniversary…Can we do a pre booking….please advise….kindly write to me at jayashree.pillai@gmail,com

    Thanks and regards
    Dr. Jayashree Pillai

  11. Santhosh nair says:

    May I know the date of My Mother’s Startham this year in Vrichika Masam on Thruketta naal nd amavasya day

  12. Masilamani says:

    Is there a specific time in the morning to do narabali narayana poojai

  13. Jyothi k says:

    Maranam kazhinju ethra days kazhinju asthiyumayi varam

  14. Gopan says:

    Can I do beli on 6th September 2020 morning in Parasurama swami temple ?

  15. Dr MINI says:

    sir,unable to connect the number 04712380706

  16. sajikumar says:

    sir, both telephone numbers are not working please correct.

  17. Gopika says:

    Is balitharpanam available to July

  18. Harilal says:

    The telephone number given is not responding
    September 18th comes my mother’s 41st death day and I wish to do the Bali for that day. Shall I need pre booking for the Bali tharpanam and thila homam on that day. How I got the reply….

  19. Vijayan says:

    Mrithyunjayahomam mrithyunjayaarchana ennivaykku online booking undo

  20. Ranjani says:

    If we come there can we do Thilak homam for my father on his 1st death anniversary.