There is no miracle in Krishna Consciousness

One man went out of his village, and after ten years, he came back, advertised himself that “I have become successful in yoga practice.” So naturally villagers surrounded him. “Oh, what yoga practice you have learned?” “I can walk on the water.” “Oh?” So the arrangement was that he’ll cross the river, walking on the water. One old man came and said, “Sir, it is very wonderful, but it is two paise worth.” “Why?” “Now, you will walk and go the other side; I’ll take a boat, pay him two paise. I’ll do the same thing. So what is your credit?” So those who are actually intelligent men, they will question, “What actual profit you have made?”

Let us say you are a chemist and you combine acid and base and you make smoke, an explosion or whatever. To somebody ignorant, that’s a miracle. But for everything there is a process, and so when you see a miracle, it’s just ignorance of the process. So-called transcendentalists who have no real stock of knowledge they are fond of these miracles, and for the most part, because the innocent public is generally foolish, therefore they accept these magicians as saintly persons. So one who does not know these things, they say, “Oh, these are all stories.” It is not story. It is no miracle. They are all possible. So there is no such thing as miracle. It is a process of doing. One must know how to do it. There is no miracle.

We don’t say anything miracle. The real knowledge means science or knowing everything about something. So this Krishna Consciousness is not a miracle, it is science, and because we are Krishna conscious, therefore we know everything.

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  1. Dr Arunkumar Kale. says:

    Lord Krishna does miracles daily but we dont realze it.Have faith in Lord Krishna then only you will realize it.