The usual food items in Onasadya

On a large banana leaf, Onasadya is served clockwise from top in the following manner. With Boiled rice in center and from top, Paayasam, Bittergourd thoran, aviyal, Kaalan, Lime Pickle, Sambar and Buttermilk are served.

Sambar is a chief thick gravy dish that is made of vegetables like drumsticks, tomato, etc. with lentils, tamarind and flavored with asafoetida.

Parippu is a secondary thick curry prepared with lentil. This dish is eaten with rice, ghee and papadum.

Rasam is the additional watery dish that is prepared with tomatoes, tamarind, spices like coriander, chili pepper, black pepper, asafoetida, etc. It aids in digestion and is very hot and spicy in taste.

Aviyal is the chief side dish prepared with thick mixture of several vegetables, and paste of coconut. It is seasoned with curry leaves and coconut oil. It is to be noted that this dish is normally made with leftover vegetables.

Kaalan is prepared with thick yogurt, coconut, and any one vegetable such as a tuber-like yam or”nendran” plantain. It is sourer and very thick.

Olan is prepared with coconut milk, pumpkin, and ginger seasoned with coconut oil.

Koottukari is mainly prepared with one or two vegetables such as banana and coconut with sweet and hot taste.

Kichadi is prepared with yogurt and cucumber in a cooked form or in raw form.

Pachadi is prepared with yogurt with coconut, pineapple and grapes.

Puliyinchi is prepared with tamarind, ginger, green chilies and jiggery is a paste form.

Thoran is prepared with sauted vegetables like raw jackfruit, peas, carrots, or cabbage (usually), green beans with grated coconut.

Pickles (Achar) : Spicy pickled lemon/ raw mango/lime, etc.

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