Thaniyavanathamman Temple in Oddapai, Thiruvallur

There is a small temple dedicated for Ma Thaniyavanathamman, and it is situated in Oddapai Village at Thiruvallur District. Delayed marriages, business related problems and Childless issues would be sorted out by visiting this temple. Though the size of the temple is considered to be small, but the deity present in the temple contains enormous powers.

As per ancient legend, once there lived a great Shiva devotee along with his pious consort. Due to their great bhakti, they were blessed to have a pious girl child, and they have named that child as Vanathayi, since they have got the child from a Vanam (Forest). Vanathayi didn’t take birth out of the womb of a woman, since she was a self-emanated child. She is also considered to be the daughter of the earth mother, Ma Bhudevi.

In course of time, Ma Vanathayi had grown up into a beautiful maiden. When their parents tried to arrange marriage for her, she rejected their proposal, since she considered Lord Shiva as her only consort. Due to that, her parents didn’t compel her, and allowed her to live as per her own wish. In course of time, her parents were died, and Ma Vanathayi was left alone. Since she was very beautiful, few of the people in her village had wrongly approached her. And when one of them tried to put his hands on her, immediately he realised a shocking effect on his hands, and to his surprise, Ma Vanathayi had appeared to them in the form of Ma Shakti Devi, holding the Trident on her beautiful lotus hands, along with her divine vehicle lion.

Then the nature of the bad minded people was changed, and they were become pious. Soon Ma Vanathayi had regained her original form, and with her spiritual powers, she invoked the fire on that place, fell down, and before doing that, she asked those people to build a small temple for her. The place where Ma Vanathayi had immolated herself had later become a temple, which is now called as MA Thaniyavanathamman Temple. During every Tuesdays and Fridays, we can find lot of young girls visiting this temple, with the hope, that they would get married soon. Unemployed and business people are also visiting this temple regularly in order to attain prosperity in their lives.

Let us once visit the wonderful temple of Ma Vanathayi, in order to get blessings from the hands of the divine mother, MA THANIYAVANATHAMMA.


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