Thakurani Teej | Thakuraniji Treej

Thakurani Teej is celebrated on Shravan Month Teej as per Pushtimarg Sampradaya’s Hindu Calendar. In 2022, Thakurani Teej date is July 31.

It is a celebration held during the days of Hindola by Shri Swaminiji and Shri Yamunaji in honor of Shriji at their abode. The Lord along with Thakuraniji or Swaminiji presided over the Hindola are decorated with garlands and ornaments. The divine couple gives darshan to lakhs of devotees on this day.

One of the two Ghats of Yamuna River in Gokul is Thakurani Ghat. According to ‘Vraj Leela’, from Rawal to Thakurani Ghat is the province of Swaminiji and from Mahavan to Govind Ghat is Shri Thakurji’s province. And to provide the Yugal Jodi Hindola to Swaminiji and Thakurji on both these Ghats is the wish of Shri Yamunaji.

Thakurani Teej is celebrated Hariyali Teej, Madhushrava Teej, Choti Teej, Singhara Teej, Sindhara Teej, etc. in other parts of India.

In 2021, Thakurani Teej date is August 11.

In 2020, Thakurani Teej date is July 23.

In 2019, Thakurani Teej date was August 3.

In 2018, Thakurani Teej date was August 13.

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