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Dasavatara Jayanti 2019 | Jaynatis of Dashavataras, Ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu

Dashavatara of Lord Vishnu

Dashavatara of Lord Vishnu

Among the avatars of Vishnu, the ten best known are collectively called as the Dasavatara. According to the vernacular language the term means “ten avatars”.

In the Garuda Purana (1.86.10″11), this list is proudly included.  In the Satya Yuga (Ages in the time cycle described within Hinduism or the first of the four Yugas), the first four are mentioned to have largely appeared.

1. Lord Matsya Jayanti: Chaitra Bahula Panchami – 8 April 2019

2. Lord Kurma Jayanti: Vaisakha Sudda Poornima – 17 May 2019

3. Lord Varaha Jayanti: Chaitra Bahula Trayodasi – 1 September 2019

4. Lord Narasimha Jayanti: Vaisakha sudda Dwadasi-  17 May 2019

5. Lord Vamana Jayanti: Bhadrapada Sudda Chaturdasi – 10 September 2019

6. Lord Parusurama Jayanti: Vaisakha sudda Dwadasi – 7 May 2019

7. Lord Sri Rama Jayanti: Chaitra sudda Navami – 13 April 2019

8. Lord Sri Krishna Jayanti: Sravana Sudda Astami – 24 August 2019

9. Lord Buddha Jayanti: Vaisakha sudda Poornima – 18 May 2019

10. Kalki Jayanti: Bhadrapada sudda Vidiya – 5 August 2019

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