Ten Faced Rudraksha, 10 Mukhi or Dus Mukhi Rudraksha – Benefits, Mantra

Ten faced Rudraksha is 10 Mukhi Rudraksha (Dus Mukhi Rudraksha). Today, ten faced Rudraksha is known to be one of the rare beads. This bead comes in round and oval shape. Ten Mukhi Rudraksha has blessings of lord Vishnu. According to Hindu mythology; Lord Vishnu is consider as the preserver of the whole universe. Since it has no ruling planet, it is therefore pacifies all the nine planets. Legends of Rudraksh belive- Ten faced Rudraksha is blessed by Yamraj i.e. the death, the Dashdigpal i.e. the guardian and controller of ten directions and Dash Mahavidya i.e. ten great learning.

Ten faced Rudraksha is recommended to gain mental peace and to remove all sorts of problems. Lord Vishnu- supreme god of Indian mythology and Hinduism refers him as all-pervading spirit and eternal creator. Vishnu is visualised in a human form, sleeping on Shesha- the huge serpent and floating on the water. Ten faced Rudraksha is the most ideal bead to set with the nine jyotish gems.

Ten faced Rudraksha is require for pacification of all the nice planets i.e. Nava Graha shanta. This bead helps to gain protection and mercy of Lord Vishnu in his Ten Incarnations. Being referred as Nava-graha shanta (Nine Jyotish Planets), it brings good luck in all aspects.

Ten faced Rudraksha helps to overcome all sorts of difficulties and ensures protection to wearer’s family. It gives the feeling of security and shield on one’s body. It is capable to drive away all evil powers, black magic and ghosts. Wearing 10 mukhi Rudraksha is recommended for Narayana bhaktas.

Other details of Dus Mukhi Rudraksha:

Symbol: Lord Vishnu

Ruling Planet: No ruling Planet

Ruling God: Lord Vishnu

Das Mukhi Rudraksha Mantram:

Om Hreem Namah Namah

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