Temples are Main Pillars of Sanatan Dharma

Laxminarayan Temple Delhi Birla Mandir

Laxminarayan Temple Delhi Birla Mandir

Temples act as the main pillar of Sanatana Dharma, and by using the sophisticated technology we can visit most of the famous temples in the world in just 60 days. We would have read the famous children’s novel, “Around the world in eighty days”, and in that story, the hero would be visiting the entire world within eighty days, and the story would be mentioned in an interesting manner, and I have read it in my childhood. But according to me, simply visiting the foreign countries for sight-seeing and shopping would not give any valuable benefit for us, and it would give us some sort of entertainment only for a certain period of time.

Whereas along with sight-seeing and shopping activities, if we visit some temples also, then that incident would be fixed up in our mind permanently.Normal enjoyment is different from spiritual enjoyment. Normal enjoyment means watching movies, talking with others, eating our favourite food items, reading story books etc. Spiritual enjoyment means visiting temples, reciting mantras, singing and dancing in front of deities, visiting divine discourses, reading great epics like Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagavatham.

Most of the people are interested to watch their mobile phones, spending their time with their near and dears, and visiting hilly regions and picnic spots etc. They should remember that everything was created only by the god, and first of all, our main aim must be to offer our sincere prayers to the god. If we are rich enough to spend enough money from our savings, then we could make a best plan to visit the famous temples all around the world. If we find difficult to visit all the temples in the world, at least, we can visit some of the popular temples present in the world.

During Mahabharata, during the exile term of the Pandavas, Rishi Narada had appeared before them and asked them to visit various holy shrines of Shiva and Vishnu, and he further said, “Those who visit the holy temples, would attain lot of good karmas, and with that, they could get whatever they desire. Hence, even if we find it difficult to visit the popular shrines present in the world, at least we can get satisfied by watching some of the Spiritual YouTube Temple Videos.

The present condition of our most Honourable and worshipful Hindu Temples located in certain places of India, is very pathetic and pitiable. It seems that gods and goddesses are crying due to the continuous destruction of our Hindu Temples, which are located in certain states of India. The destruction is being done in the name of encroachment, whereas no one is interested to touch the worship places which belongs to other religions, though some of those places are comes under the “ENCROACHMENT” criteria. It seems that still we are living in the Mughal era, since during that period, lot of Hindu Temples were damaged by the Mughal Kings.

It is very easy to commit sins, and we can also develop bad habits very easily, but, doing good deeds is very difficult at the present situation. The rulers must be aware of, that god is watching their each and every activity, and they are taking these extreme steps, due to the influence of Lord Kali Purusha, the one who induces the people to commit lot of bad acts, and for that, they would have to suffer a lot in their succeeding births.

Though the reason cited by those who destruct the temples might be agreeable and acceptable, but whenever they destruct a particular temple, they must also plan to build a new temple somewhere nearby the place of the destructed temple. Temples are the worship places of the Hindus, and they consider it more than that of their own homes. By the way of destructing the temples, the miscreants are destructing the beliefs and sentiments of the Hindus also.

Most of the Ancient temples were built by the Chola and Pandya rulers and also the blood and sweat of the thousands and thousands of builders were buried inside the temples.In general, God would never punish the criminals immediately, but in course of time, he would punish them very severely, and worrying at that time would be of no use for those who cause damage to our ancient Hindu temples.

Let us sincerely pray to Lord Shiva to protect and preserve our ancient wonderful temples from destruction.


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