Temples in Heaven

Is there are any temples in the heaven? No. There are no temples in the heaven, since the demigods residing in the heaven, and in the other divine worlds used to come to the earth, to perform puja to the almighty. In Tiruvannamalai Girivalam path, we can see Indra Lingam, Varuna Lingam, Yama Lingam, Kubera Lingam, Easanya Lingam, Niruthi Lingam, Vayu Lingam, Surya Lingam and Chandra Lingam. All these lingams were installed by the demi gods in Tiruvannamalai before several thousands of years.

Even the demigods in the Indra Loka, after the completion of their stipulated period, would be born as mortals in this earth. Once when the demi gods were afraid of being taking birth in the earth, by worrying about the troubles and turmoil in the earth, their master Lord Indra had advised them to visit the holy Mangalagiri Temple, situated at Andhra Pradesh. As per his advice, the demigods went to the temple shrine of Lord Narasimha, and they have performed penance for several years, and as a result, their term in Swarga Loka was extended for a few more lakhs of years, and they happily went to the Swarga Loka, by thanking the great Lord Panakala Narasimha.

In holy temples like Sathuragiri and Parvathamalai, still now the demi gods are coming there for offering their worship to Lord Shiva. Even the great Rishi Narada used to come to the temples of his favourite god Vishnu, and would worship for some time. Bhishma after his death, had become one of the Vasus, and it is believed that still now he used to visit and worship Lord Guruvayurappan in the Guruvayurappan Temple at Kerala.

The demigods in the heaven and the other demigods like Vayu, Varuna and Agni, used to worship the almighty from their heart itself, and they could see the divine vision of the god at any point of time, since they are also considered as an incarnation of the great almighty.But sometimes, they also used to come to the earth, and would visit and worship some popular temples of Lord Shiva and Vishnu.But in case of humans, it is a must for us to visit the temples, since we don’t have any power, and we are not having a long life time in this Kali Yuga.

We can also imagine in our mind, and can build lot of temples to all the deities, and we can also perform consecration ceremony to our mind temples, perform pujas, abhishekhams and homams similar to the great Pusalar Nayanar who had built a lovely temple for Lord Shiva in his mind itself, which is known as Hrudayaleeswarar Temple, and it is situated in Thirunindravur, near Chennai.


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