Temple Endowment Schemes

Nowadays temple endowment schemes are gaining more popularity amongst the devotees. Among the endowment schemes offered in various temples, endowment schemes introduced by TTD Devasthanams have been attracted by several lakhs of devotees.

Among the endowment schemes in TTD, Nitya Annadanam Scheme is welcomed by the devotees, since after having the darshan of the Lord of seven hills devotees are able to fill up their stomach with nutritious and blessed food.

In all the endowment schemes, TTD is receiving the sums from the devotees and depositing the money in Bank Fixed Deposits, and from the interest amount only, they are providing annadanam to the devotees, and similarly in other endowment schemes also, they are depositing the sums received from the devotees in Fixed Deposits and from the interest portion, they are doing various kinds of welfare activities to the public. We must remember the famous quote “DOING SERVICE TO THE PEOPLE IS EQUIVALENT TO DOING SERVICE TO THE GOD”.

TTD had introduced lot of schemes for the welfare of the devotees. Few years back, they have launched the TTD Sankara Netralaya Trust, through which large number of old poor people, are able to get cured their cataract problems very easily. Similar to that, other endowment schemes offered by the TTD are also received attention worldwide.

Apart from Tirumala, various other temples in India, offers lot of endowment schemes like Annadana Trust, Goseva Trust, Education Endowment Trust and Medical Aid Trust etc. In some temples, the authorities are also running old age homes, orphanages and schools, and they would utilize the sums donated by us for the welfare of the old and poor people and the orphaned children by purchasing new clothes, study materials and also by way of providing free food to them. Those who are interested can donate the money to the temples, and can get the grace of the almighty.

Since investing our amounts in endowment schemes would fetch a lot of good karma, doing such a noble act is considered as good. Hence let us visit the temples, and offer the prescribed amount in the endowment schemes(especially in the annadanam endowment schemes), in order to get the eternal bliss of the great almighty.


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