Telugu Panchangam 2010 for USA – Free Download 2010 Telugu Calendar for United States of America in PDF format

Telugu Panchangam or the Telugu festival and auspicious calendar for United States of America or Seattle Panchangam is here to free download. You can download Panchangam in Telugu following the given link in this article. This panchangam for 2010 is the Amavasyanth calendar because as per this Amavasya marks the ending of a month. This Panchangam gives every detail about the Telugu festivals dates in 2010, auspicious days, Ekadashi dates, Pradosham dates, Amavasya dates, Pournami, Masa Shivaratri and Sankashti Chatirthi dates.

This Panchangam for 201o also included the list of Muhurtams or auspicious moments for the year 2010. Wedding Muhuratams, Gruhapravesham muhurthams, Nakshatrams and thithis are given in this Telugu Panchang for United States of America.

Click here to download Telugu Panchangam 2010 for United States of America

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  1. Samhita says:

    according to u s panchangam when is masa sivaratri in july 2013

  2. Sukhwant says:

    telugu in america and their festival in usa