Teachings of Shirdi Saibaba

shirdi sai baba

shirdi sai baba

Sai Baba of Shirdi is a popular saint of Shirdi, and he is considered as an avatar of Lord Dattatreya. He is highly honoured and worshipped both by the Hindu and Muslim devotees. Similar to other saints, he also preached for universal brotherhood, and his teachings focused on charity, forgiveness, love and affection, maintenance of bhakti on guru and god. He asked his devotees to live their life in a pious manner.

Though he attained Mahasamadhi during the year 1918, still he blesses his devotees from his Samadhi shrine at Shirdi, and he still actively discharging his duties by the way of protecting his devotees from their troubles and turmoil. He is ready to lend his helping hand for those who cry seeking for his help. Throughout his life time, he didn’t keep anything for himself, and even during the time of his Samadhi, he has donated even a small amount of money owned by him to his devotees. He didn’t live for himself but lived only for the sake of his devotees, and those who worship him wholeheartedly would get his instant blessings forever in their life.


1. Self-realisation is a must for attaining spiritual enlightenment.

2. Don’t keep too much of attachment on material things, since these are highly perishable in nature.

3. Forgive the mistakes of others, and show mercy on everyone.

4. Only if you have peace of mind, you could be able to do things in a better manner.

5. God is always good, and he is always pure and perfect.

6. There is nothing higher than the god, since he is the one who is present anywhere and everywhere, and he is the doer of all the activities in the entire universe.

7. God is the protector of each and every one in the universe.

8. God is very kind to others, and we should always keep our utmost faith on him, and we should not lose our patience during the times of our difficulties.

9. Lot of efforts must be made in order to realise the god.

10. God will show the correct path to us, and based on that, we have to start our journey.

11. Always aim for high level desires like attaining salvation, and leave your low level desires like wealth, lust and greed.

12. Do your duty perfectly by chanting the names of the god, and don’t expect the outcomes from it.

13. Surrender yourself on the feet of the god.

14. Show your love and affection on all the living beings in the earth.

15. Don’t insult others by the way of verbally or physically.

16. Always eat simple and limited food, and don’t fill up too much on your belly.

17. I am the one, who has been sent by the god. If you consider me as your holy guru, and it you show your utmost faith and devotion on me, then, you would be surely protected by me.

18. Always be active and control your mind.

19. If you feel you are healthy, then you would be really healthy, or otherwise, if you feel you are sick, then, definitely you would be lying in the bed, since there is good connection between our mind and body.

20. Don’t praise about yourself, let others praise about you.

21. Utilise your money in doing good activities.

22. Provide food to those who are in need of food, and do as much help as possible to those who are in need of your help.

23. You need not search me in my tomb, I am there with you permanently, and believe me, that, I dwells in the souls of all of my devotees.

24. I am the servant of the god, and I would obey his orders, and I will always act as a faithful servant to him.

25. I show mercy on those who worships me.

26. For me there are no bondages, and I show my unconditional love and affection even to those who hates me.

27. Don’t get fear for anything in this world, since your Sai is always there to help you.

28. My Udi (Sacred ash) will cure even the dreaded diseases of my devotees.

29. Put your burden on my shoulders, I will bear the pain with happiness.

30. My eyesalways watches you, like a mother, and I will tell what is good and what is bad, when you believes me fully.

31. Those who meditates me, and sing my songs and glorifies me through their noble acts, then I will burn their entire Karmas, and I would make them into the most purified persons in the earth.

32. If you look at me, then I will also look after you.

33. You can find all the holiest rivers in my feet.

34. I will show my supreme form to those who realise me fully.

35. I am ready to offer the everlasting eternal bliss, if you consider me as your guru.

36. God has created you only for giving you a happy life.

37. Things would change soon, don’t keep worrying about your past, and hope for a better future in your life.


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