Important Teachings of Guru Raghavendra Swamy

raghavendra swamy

raghavendra swamy

Guru Raghavendra is a holy saint of Mantralayam, and he showers his abundant grace on his devotees. Similar to other saints, Guru Raghavendra had also given nice teachings to us, which would help us to cross the ocean of life. He had given lot of advices through his teachings, and it acts as a spiritual guide to us.

His valuable teachings are as follows:

Only if you live your life in a proper manner, your thoughts also would be good.

We have been taken this physical body, in order to worship the god, and in our every action, we can find the role of the god.

Give proper respect to your parents and take care of them till their death.

By verifying our holy texts of Hinduism, we can find proper solutions, and we can run our life smoothly.

By leading a disciplined life, we would get peace, prosperity and joyfulness.

We have to do our work with sincerity, and dedication in our mind.

Our life is very important, and we must utilise our life properly by concentrating our attention on spirituality.

Time lost cannot be brought again.

Spend sufficient time in devoting your attention on the almighty, or otherwise, your life would become useless.

Have faith and utmost bhakti on the God.

Accept that the almighty is the supreme master, and consider him as the boss for the entire universe.

Live your life with peacefulness and satisfy with the things which god has given to you.

Give respect to others feelings and sentiments and don’t speak harshly on others.

Leave your bad habits like pride, ego, jealousy, lust, anger and greed.

Be a selfless and a kind hearted person.

Committing mistakes again and again would result in lot of bad karmas.

Consider that Lord Hari is the universal master and we are all his slaves.

Always speak the truth, and never tell lies.

Consider everyone similar to you, and shower your unconditional affection and love on everybody in the earth.

Respect and help the elders, whenever they are in need of your help.

Do lot of charity works, and provide food to the hungry and poor people.

Though I have attained Jeeva Samadhi, but I will make my presence before you during your urgent call.

I will be very much happy with you, if you read and spread my spiritual works throughout the world.

My blessings are always there for you and to everyone who worships me sincerely.

I will distribute my Punya to all of my devotees, irrespective of their caste, creed, gender and religion,through the divine grace of Sri Hari.

You will always be protected by me as well as by Sri Lakshmi Narasimha, Rama, Krishna, Vedavyasa, Hanuman, and by all other deities.

Respect the sentiments and beliefs of the people belonging to other religions.

Believe that Lord Hari alone can give you liberation after your death.

You would get all the necessities in your life, by following the path of Dharma.

Do lot of good things in your life, in order to get rid from your bad karmas.

Don’t keep worrying about your past, always be active, have faith on Lord Hari, do your duty properly, and the rest, leave it to Lord Hari.

I am able to do anything for you, based on your true devotion on me.


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