Tamil Panchangam 2012-2013, Download Mantralayam Mutt Khara Year Tamil Panchangam

Surya Siddantha Tamil Panchangam 2012-2013 provided by Mantralayam Sri Raghavendra Mutt is here to download. 2012-2013 Hindu Year is known as Nandana varusha. This Panchangam has the list of Tamil festivals, Hindu holidays and auspicious days, Tamil Masam or months dates in 2012-2013, Tamil marriage dates, Gruhapravesham dates, Upanayanam dates, and shubha muhurtham dates for all shubha karyams. Rashi Varshaphalangal (Astrology predictions and horoscope of 2012-2013) are also given in this Panchangam for 2012-2013.

Tamil Panchangam starts from Varusha Pirappu (Chithirai 1 or Chithirai Vishu). In 2012, Chithirai 1 date is April 13.

You can download the Tamil Panchangam 2012-2013 here at the official website of Raghvendra Mutt, Mantralayam, Andhra Pradesh.

Here you can also download other standard Tamil Panchangams here – Uttaradhi Mutt Tamil Panchangam 2012-2013 and many other Panchangams – Link

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